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Parkshala International Yoga Day

This is Kuldeep He's in XII One of the children who goes to Gyanshree school

#ThursdayTidbits (5/10)

"I was in 7th when I got hit on the left #eye while playing. I was young and I knew I'd be scolded. So, out of fear, I didn't tell my parents. I patched it up with the help of a few friends. . About a year later, I started facing problems in the eye. So we went to the government #hospital in sector-31. They said it's a normal issue and gave me eye-drops. . The eye-drops didn't help. So, a few months later we visited ICare Hospital. They told us that it's retinal displacement. They could operate but can't promise anything. . We were shattered. This was way bigger than I had imagined. My father decided to get a second opinion. We went to RML Hospital, Delhi. They assured us that there would be 90% success rate. My family felt comforted and we decided to get the operation done. . 1 operation turned to 2 and when the 3rd operation got over last year, I had lost my vision. The doctors said the #retina is completely torn and detached. My fat

#ThursdayTidbits (4/10)

"We used to live in Agra. My Nana-nani, masi, everyone was visiting us. Papa had gone to visit his parents after celebrating my elder brother's birthday. Papa used to travel for work and my parents always exchanged letters. Few days later, my mother received a letter from him saying he had been beaten up by iron rods (used for construction), naming the people who did it, his hand was fractured and he couldn't even eat properly. . My mother was pregnant with my younger brother, so she didn't go immediately. My father was staying with his friend and he had gotten better. He would come home soon, he had written. A few days later, she got another letter saying my father is no more. It took 4 days for the letter to reach us. . She immediately rushed to Kolkata with us. There she found out that my father was murdered by his own uncle and cousins. They used to cheat in their business and papa had told them countless times to mend their ways or he'll inform the police

#ThursdayTidbits (3/10)

"My father runs a photocopy and printing shop. Since last year, the business is getting slower by slower. Our income has dropped down from INR 3 Lakh per annum to less than INR 2 Lakh p.a. . My father always wanted to give me the best of education. He tried to get me enrolled in schools like Kothari and Khaitan but they were unaffordable. Eventually, he got me admitted in Sunriseville in Sector-25 when I was in class II. . My teachers and parents put in a lot of effort to polish me so I could shine. The only way I could repay them was by studying.. so I did that. I secured 1st position from class VI-VIII. My Math teacher was exceptionally fond of me. . Last year, when the business dropped, we saw no other way but to leave the school. There was no way my family could've paid my fees.The bus fees contributed towards 30% of my fees. So, to lessen the burden, I started cycling to school. It takes me 30 minutes one way. My Math teacher talked the principal into not increasin

World Environment Day

Plantation Drive on the occasion of World Environment Day

#ThursdayTidbits (2/10)

"We used to live with my Nani in our village in Bihar. My parents, my younger brother, me.. all of us. My father was mentally unstable. He used to leave the house in frustration. All the medicines, visit to the doctors, everything took a toll on both him and my parents' savings. . One day, he stormed out as usual but never returned. My grandparents and uncles went to search for him but returned empty-handed. We don't know whether he's alive or dead. . All this happened when I was in Class V. Eventually my grandfather's cousin suggested moving to Delhi to her. He was already living here and it gave her hope. We spent 2 more years in Bihar but it was very difficult for my mother because she was all alone in the city. . She started working as a healthcare assist to the elderly. Her salary is INR 9000. She returns home around 8-8.30 PM. She is very tired by the time she comes home. . Moving from Bihar hasn't been easy. People make fun of my accent. I had m