#ThursdayTidbits (4/10)

"We used to live in Agra. My Nana-nani, masi, everyone was visiting us. Papa had gone to visit his parents after celebrating my elder brother's birthday. Papa used to travel for work and my parents always exchanged letters. Few days later, my mother received a letter from him saying he had been beaten up by iron rods (used for construction), naming the people who did it, his hand was fractured and he couldn't even eat properly.
My mother was pregnant with my younger brother, so she didn't go immediately. My father was staying with his friend and he had gotten better. He would come home soon, he had written. A few days later, she got another letter saying my father is no more. It took 4 days for the letter to reach us.
She immediately rushed to Kolkata with us. There she found out that my father was murdered by his own uncle and cousins. They used to cheat in their business and papa had told them countless times to mend their ways or he'll inform the police. Knowing that he was bruised and hurt, they took advantage of the situation. They beat him up and thinking he was dead, they threw him in a river. When they saw bubbles, they got scared that he's still alive. So, they got him back to his room and hung him from the fan.
There was a court case for our custody. My grandfather was supporting his brother, the man who left us fatherless. They wanted to buy my mother's silence by keeping us under their thumb. They used to harass her even when we returned to Agra.
Things got so bad that my Masi brought her to Noida. We were sent to our Nana-nani and taught that they are our parents and our mother is our sister. We discovered the truth years later!
The day I learnt of her struggles I decided that I will be her support system. I'll give her the happiness that my father used to shower on her so freely.. that was snatched from her so viciously."
-Nisha, 19 years
Nisha is committed to turning her life around. She's Green Belt in #Karate, NCC Scout, already done with her B.A. and currently in the final year of B.Sc. She heads our Self-Defense projects, is a beautiful painter and is a legit rockstar! 🤩💜

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