A lot can be accomplished when hearts sync and vibes match.
We ended up distributing 250 notebooks across 3 branches in just one day!
Deeply grateful to each and every soul who comes forward with so much love in their hearts. Thank you!

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Circle Of Trust

As grown-ups, we want a space of empathy, trust and non-judgment where we can pour our innermost selves and deepest truths. A safe space. . We did a little activity. We asked the children to draw a Circle Of Trust and keep themselves inside this safe space. Then, they were asked to surround themselves with people that they have utmost faith in, people they can share everything with, people who would help them no matter what! . The aim is to give them assurance that they're taken care of and remind them of the people they can talk to whenever they need. . If we cherish this space with our loved ones, imagine how important it is for children!

Ngo For Education

In association with @safe_campus we showed our younglings an animated video on Child Sexual Abuse.
It's the story of an innocent young girl, Komal, who becomes pally with "Uncle" who used to visit the family often.
Here's is the video:

Social Work Delhi

Cases of child sexual abuse increased so much that the government had to legit pass POCSO act to address this issue.
Pedophiles are everywhere but not every child is abused. What is it that makes a child susceptible to abuse?
Lack of knowledge: the topic being taboo, parents don't educate the children and make them aware that they could be in this situation.

Lack of a support system and emotional safety, people they can confide in

Lack of confidence in self : Leads the child to not speak up

Lack of awareness of surroundings and those around them

Family's blind trust in relatives and friends

Inability of the child to defend himself in a situation that can lead to abuse

Celebrate With NGO

Life's a cake. What would it take for you to share a tiny slice of your chocolate truffle cake with those who have only tasted dry tea cakes?

Celebrate with NGO

All February babies! 😍💖
Our kinda celebrations entail little compassion, some fun and oodles of love!