Celebrate Birthday With Underprivileged Kids

Along with the education Parkshala focuses on kids' nutrition and we try to provide healthy snacks, fruit, and milk-based drinks to the children weekly as well as people choose to celebrate their special occasions by sponsoring and sharing a healthy meal with the children!

Sponsor Activities

Sponsor A Treat
Because we want to give every meritorious child a chance We would love to expose the children to activities that'll help them grow holistically, that they might otherwise not get a chance to experience. Eg: Educational excursion to a factory, movies, picnics, camps etc.

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"Today was my last day as mentioned before so I took chocolates for the kids as a token of my appreciation because I've become so attached to them. A huge thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful organization and I'll forever cherish the hours I've spent with the kids, teaching and learning somethings myself along the way. All of them, despite how naughty they might be, hold a special place in my heart and it's nothing but love and support from my side for them. Thank you again and I'd be utterly grateful if you would have me to be a part of Parkshala again, in the near future "
-Advitya Sirohi
Amity University
Taught English to Grade VIII  Advitya, Thank you for your compassionate heart and beautiful soul. Your time and skills were genuinely needed. So deeply grateful to you! You know you're always welcome at Parkshala!

Happy Makar Sankranti,Pongal and Bihu.

Wish You All a Very Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, and Bihu.

Happy Lohari

Wishing you all a very Happy Lohari .

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The schools our children go to lack basic amenities and quality education. Moreover, most of their peers at such schools are uninterested in education. So, our first and foremost focus is on academic growth and improvement. Subjects that students find difficult like English and Chemistry are taught directly by our founder, Priya Gupta We conduct regular tests to gain insight into the problem areas.Extra classes are conducted during summer and winter vacations to bring weak students as par with others in their grade.