We celebrated our 73rd#IndependenceDayon 15th August. We might have gained freedom but are we truly free?
We asked our kids and staff to share their views and interestingly, no one said that they're truly free! It's not just the girls, boys too!
Some aren't free to study as much as they want because they have the sword of#marriagehanging over their heads. Some aren't free to be their#authenticselves because they fear#judgment. Many girls aren't free to learn a#sportthey want because "Have you seen a girl running around like that in our samaaj?"
At Parkshala, we are trying to break all these societal shackles that have created mental blocks. We are trying to counsel the parents into giving their children a chance. We are trying to give these children a taste of what freedom could be. We are trying to raise a non-judgmental, non-biased, authentic generation that truly is

Education NGO

Our lessons take place in community parks and halls because we are trying to utilize already available resources for this purpose. Our mission is to combine education with a holistic development that is concerned with the child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potential. Today, Parkshala™ stands tall with 150 children and is rearing to grow its tribe. This is where we leave you with a simple question: You may have taken your flight, are you willing to help others fly in turn? If the above words made you think, smile, or simply nod in agreement, you are a kind soul. A soul that wants to see good, do good, and wish good. Basically, you are one of us. And who are we? We are strong believers in making a positive impact and lasting difference in the lives of children. We are from Parkshala™.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan


Happy Independence Day


Volunteer Delhi

The schools our children go to lack basic amenities and quality education. Moreover, most of their peers at such schools are uninterested in education. So, our first and foremost focus is on academic growth and improvement.
Subjects that students find difficult like English and Chemistry are taught directly by our founder, Priya Gupta We conduct regular tests to gain insight into problem areas. Remedical classes our conducted during summer and winter vacations to bring weak students at par with others in their grade. Improvement has been observed in grades at school, fluency in spoken English, overall confidence while asking questions, curiosity to know more. For More Info:

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ngo for child labour

An early start is the best one!
Inspiring men and women from @safe_campus and @eagleriderindia rode from all over NCR to support us in our cause : "Quality Education For All".📚
This was followed by self defense tidbits, techniques and fun, skill-buildimg activities.😍
Over the next few days, we'll be sharing highlights of the event.

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