#ThursdayTidbits (2/10)

"We used to live with my Nani in our village in Bihar. My parents, my younger brother, me.. all of us. My father was mentally unstable. He used to leave the house in frustration. All the medicines, visit to the doctors, everything took a toll on both him and my parents' savings.
One day, he stormed out as usual but never returned. My grandparents and uncles went to search for him but returned empty-handed. We don't know whether he's alive or dead.
All this happened when I was in Class V. Eventually my grandfather's cousin suggested moving to Delhi to her. He was already living here and it gave her hope. We spent 2 more years in Bihar but it was very difficult for my mother because she was all alone in the city.
She started working as a healthcare assist to the elderly. Her salary is INR 9000. She returns home around 8-8.30 PM. She is very tired by the time she comes home.
Moving from Bihar hasn't been easy. People make fun of my accent. I had more friends there. My life was carefree. Nani used to pamper me and I always had a hot meal. Here, if mummy is late, I've to prepare dinner.
All this is making me stronger. I want to become an IAS officer! Didi has been helping me with English and my accent. I want to give my mother a better life. She has gone through enough." ✨🌸
-Santosh, 14 years, IX


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