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Best NGO in Delhi.

At Parkshala, we believe that anyone can make a difference no matter how old you are, 5 or 85. All you need is to be a human. A human who listens, understands, actions, and achieves. We could have been working in a 9 to 5 and adding to the family income, or fueling our own dreams. But, we choose to give back. We choose to not fly alone but together with every child who dreams, no matter what the background. We choose to tie their thread of dream to our wings and fly higher and higher until we help them reach their goal. For more info : Visit Us : Contact us :    9810859566

Best NGO in Noida for Education

Parkshala TM is a Noida-based NGO dedicated to transforming lives of children who hail from the lower strata of the society. We work as an after-school support group to bridge the educational & moral gap between these children and their affluent peers. Further, we are trying to utilize already available resources for this purpose. So our lessons take place in community parks and halls. For more info : Visit Us : Contact us :    9810859566