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#ThursdayTidbits (1/10)

"I want to be an #artist . Till 6 months ago, my family didn't #support me. Their words were, "ye hum logo ke shauk nahi hai. Kya hoga isse?" (These aren't the kind of things we indulge in. What's the point?) . Their logic is not wrong. We were a family of 7. With my elder siblings married, it's 5 of us now. My father works as a security guard. He earns INR 10,000. It's not enough so he took up a job in a cafe. His timings were 7 PM - 2 AM. . When it started taking a toll on his health, as the son, I took matters in my own hands and started working at the cafe on his behalf. They used to pay me INR 3000 per month. . My parents started supporting me when my school awarded me for my paintings. They had pride in their eyes! They saw that it's my natural talent! My father saved for 3 months to buy me a new set of paints and brushes. It's been the best gift I've ever received!" 😍 - Shivakant , 15 years.


Chandan  and Lata will be a part of the 1st batch completing school and what a PHENOMENAL result!! 😍 . We called their parents over and had a mini-celebration . 🎂 . Congratulations to all their mentors and their families! 👌🏻 . Goes on to prove that with the guidance of right teachers and hard work of the students , sky is the limit! Nothing else matters. ✨🙏