This Little Rockstar

This little #rockstar is Yash. He's from our Salarpur branch. We've been binge watching his entire 2 minute video! 😍😍🔥🔥
Families of these children usually don't support #dance and #art because they don't see these as financially viable options. It's unfortunate that we've to convince them to let their Children's innate talents flourish. 🌸
To let the kids know that their talents are appreciated, valued and loved; we are on a mission to support every kid who wants to work towards his #passion. Parkshala is a hub where any kid who's talented at anything - #academics, arts, #sports - will be encouraged and given a platform to do what they love! 🤗💕
Thank you @qauseindia for starting a revolution that's touching so many lives!


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