MindGrind Mondays: Kerala- #1 in literacy rate and #2 in crime rate. Is our education system failing us?

Kerala: #1 in literacy rate and #2 in crime rate. What are we doing wrong?

It is globally expected that literacy and crime rates have a negative correlation. Even though illiteracy is only one factor among many others that contribute to a high crime rate in a country, education undoubtedly plays an important role. However, this has not been true in the case of Kerala. It is now disputed that crime is committed even by the most educated individuals and many times illiterate people have exhibited high moral fibre.

Does this indicate that the education being imparted in our schools is not focused towards producing independent-thinking, moral and ethical pupils? Even though many schools claim that they incorporate policies and practices in such a way that all students excel academically, it can be observed that those students also portray undesirable behaviours like bullying or cheating on exams.

The strong and singular emphasis on getting good marks or just passing exams in schools has led to many heart-breaking consequences. This type of education will barely help a child to face real-life situations where the decision between right and wrong is to be made. Since young people readily and unconsciously assimilate all types of influences, good or bad, if they do not have proper guidance, it is important that society provides them with a type of education that will make them acquire sound principles, and also develop appropriate attitudes and values that will help them to make good choices and decisions in their adulthood.

To curb this problem, schools should adapt and offer special classes, seminars, and workshops with an expert counsellor under the guidance of educators who can help in incorporating ‘values’ lessons into the curriculum in order to foster well-rounded personality development in children. If effectively implemented, Moral Education will equip learners with tools of judgement in various situations leading to making responsible choices and decisions. The present scenario needs to undergo a radical change as the country’s future depends on its children. We, at Parkshala, firmly believe in holistic moral education and facilitate counselling and guidance for children in difficult circumstances. During this lockdown, we have been planning on a new program "Happiness Guide" and will be launching it soon. The aim would be to take up the responsibility for bridging the emotional gap that kids feel.

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