MindGrind Mondays : India ranks #144 in World Happiness Report. Why?

Pursuing your passion lowers stress and contributes to overall happiness!

According to a study conducted by Society of Behavioural Medicine it was found that pursuing your passion both lowers stress and contributes to greater overall happiness. Another study stated that working a job you hate is worse for your mental health than having no job at all. 

In our country, many people are stuck in unfulfilling jobs which is one of the major reasons for depression and the ongoing lack of intrinsic motivation. Many are stuck in job that give them no sense of growth and this might be because it’s not their passion.

Unfortunately, most Indians do not have the circumstances or the resources to pursue their passion. Indian education system and society don't even consider in important. Following their passion is pretty low down on the priority list of most Indians.

The World Happiness Report put India on rank 144 out of the 156 countries surveyed. Only faring better than countries with extreme conflicts going on like Afghanistan, Yemen and South Sudan. Ever wondered why? 

This shows that we, as a country suffer the lack of happiness even without extreme socio-political crisis going on. On the other hand, Finland was ranked 1 for the third time consecutively.

Finland’s education system has also been marked as the best in the world. The major difference in their approach and ours, is that they provide an option to take quality vocational education/training quite early in their education system. Passion based learning is very much encouraged. This helps children attain truly fulfilling jobs later in their life and become overall happier adults.

We, at Parkshala vehemently believe that every child should have access to such resources that help them pursue their passion. To make sure that no kid is left behind during the ongoing crisis we have a virtual summer camp for kids called “Ittu si Kushi!” and kids everywhere have the option of enrolling in one or more courses that make them happy. These include Bollywood dance, Music, Mandala Art and Krav Maga (Israeli self defence technique). Our vision here is to make the pursuit of happiness and passion accessible to all.

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