Children’s Day celebrations

On Children’s Day, our younglings were pampered crazy much by @farzicafe and @loperaindia . The experience was not only gastronomical but also amplified their learning curve- they learnt about table manners, palette cleansers and some of them were even grooving to “Girls like you” 😁💃
Socio economic status does make some of us more privileged and our exposure heightened than the others but the real joy is in becoming a real life Santa and gifting memorable experiences to those who will value them the most. We thank @qauseindia and @avin.c for the 
#massiveqause. Our kids couldn’t stop talking about their lunch date. 👫
Every kid has the capability to soar high and each one of us has the capability to become the wind beneath their wings. It's all about what you choose!


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