Children Education Noida

“I acknowledge my issues, I’m working on it and I am a work in progress”. We hear this from our Founder, @priya, a zillion times and no we don’t get irritated one bit. 🙃
Santosh is from Bihar and he moved to Noida almost 3 years ago. He was mocked a lot for his accent by the kids at school. He withdrew into a shell but to our delight, he eventually found a way around all the mockery and decided to take a step forward towards self-development. 💫💞

He is tutored by our amazing new volunteer Devansh (who's doing a fabulous job as we can see!) and here is a snippet of Santosh being grateful for all that @priya has done for him.

Here's hoping this restores his self-confidence so that the world can see him shine! 😍


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