#ThursdayTidbits (1/10)

"I want to be an #artist. Till 6 months ago, my family didn't #support me. Their words were, "ye hum logo ke shauk nahi hai. Kya hoga isse?"
(These aren't the kind of things we indulge in. What's the point?)
Their logic is not wrong. We were a family of 7. With my elder siblings married, it's 5 of us now. My father works as a security guard. He earns INR 10,000. It's not enough so he took up a job in a cafe. His timings were 7 PM - 2 AM.

When it started taking a toll on his health, as the son, I took matters in my own hands and started working at the cafe on his behalf. They used to pay me INR 3000 per month.
My parents started supporting me when my school awarded me for my paintings. They had pride in their eyes! They saw that it's my natural talent! My father saved for 3 months to buy me a new set of paints and brushes. It's been the best gift I've ever received!" 😍
-Shivakant, 15 years.


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